String Garden  Kit
Our hand crafted one of a kind String Garden Kits are beautiful
for home, office or business.
Beautiful for any decor, from modern to eclectic, to enhance the look and feel of any room.
Great conversation starters, they are easy to care for even if you've had problems with plants in the past. Simply soak your art one or twice a month. Thats it.
Choose from our huge selection of our privatly grown Plants or Herb seeds to customise your art even more. Yes! a hanging Herb Garden, beautiful and functional.
Moss ball Hanger set & Free Plant or Herb Seed
All kits come in our beautiful decorative box with full easy to follow planting and care instructions.
Heres how to do it.

Make it your own with our easy to plant system, making this "A gift to remember" for anyone that loves plants, or give it as there first plant, even a house warming present.
Great for all holidays and office party's too.
Start by). Choose your kit option from the list below. Next Pick the plant for your kit, or herb seed from the choices below. (This can be the hardest part take you time). Finally place your order. Dont forget to add a bottle of Liqui-Dirt plant food.
1). When your kit arrives soak your Ball Planter for 5 to 10 minutes when you are ready to build your hanging art.
2). From the top of the ball remove enough soil so that the pot can fit snuggly into the ball.
(do not use sharp tools for this as they can damage the ball)
3). Remove your plant from the pot and press it into the hole you created. press it gently into the hole. Then resoak your plant for 5 min.
Instructions: Plants
Pick your hanging location and hang your new work of art. Standard lighting for most all of our plants is all that is required. Rule of thumb here is if you can read in the room then there is enough light for them to thrive. No hot sunny windows needed here. Celing and wall hooks should be rated for 50 lbs.
Instructions: Herb
1). When your kit arrives soak your Ball Planter for 5 to 10 minutes when you are ready to build your hanging art.
2). Start by turning your ball onto its top. Using a pen or blunted pencil place holes about 1/2" deep into the ball around the bottom and sides of the ball (Children must be supervised during this and all planting steps)
3). Open your herb seeds and using a moistened
Pick your hanging location and hang your new work of art. Herbs require 4 to 6 hours of indirect sun light per day, However no hot sunny windows needed here. Cling and wall hooks should be rated for 50 lbs.
Left and right are styles of celing hooks that work great.
Find them at your local hardware store, or add one to your order check below for details.
You can also set your plant in a bowel as well.
Watch our real time instruction video here!
Easy 1 . 2 . 3 and your done.
... Beautiful ...
... Simple ...
All Plants require feeding. Liqui-Dirt Organic plant food, is recomended to preserve the beauty and promote strong growth of your plant.
Our String Garden Kits are all listed below
Simply scroll down and pick your plant to Order.
 As you know plants very because no two plants are exactly alike your plant may
differ from the photos below.

If a plant is out of stock we will contact you for a new choice from your payment emil on file.
All orders are processed within 24 hours weather permitting.
wooden toothpick touch up to 3 seeds and place
them in the holes you created press the hole closed
with your finger and then pull the toothpick out. Repeat this for all the holes you made in the bottom of the ball. After completing this, roll your ball onto the bottom and repeat steps 2). and 3). for planting the top of the ball.
... Correct Image coming soon ...
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