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Liqui-Dirt Organic Soil Amendment
 "The Power of 18"uses essential microorganisms to "pre-digest" sustainably sourced grown and harvested or mined ingredients.
The ingredients are then bio-digested through a 40-Stage 5-Year Process.
Each bottle will cover a 100sft garden for an entire growing season.
The ingredients are fully broken down into raw elements.
These building blocks of life, are a concentrated liquid we condense into a nano powder. 
Liqui-Dirt builds strong leaves & root systems enabling faster plant growth and vegetable or flower production. 
By increasing the Chlorophyll of your plants this generates more energy on less light, helping to extend leaf life. Less rebuilding of the plant means more energy for production.
Liqui-Dirt is all you need, with full Microbial, Micro-Fungi and Vitamin complex.
 Our Nano Powder concentrate completely revitalize your soil and or hydroponics ecosystems enabling proper nutrition and fluid uptake by your plants.
Our Nano Powder is added to water making a supper concentrate.
This concentrate is further diluted for all plants requirements. This super concentrated formula makes Liqui-Dirt lower priced per square foot, than any chemical, organic, or tea, fertilizers.
Liqui-Dirt Nano Organic Powder is 100% water soluble
We set the gold standard for organic soil nutrition and revitalization. This elemental formula can be used for All Plants, Gardens, Houseplants, Hydroponics even your Lawn.
Whats in the powder? Only the purest, organic ingredients from start to finish. Organic is taken to a new level, We harvest, Grow, and Mine every ingredient.
... Liqui-Dirt Complete Nutrition ...
 A full Vitamin and Mineral, Microbial and Beneficial bacteria with Micro-fungi complex.
Ph Balanced to increase growth
Nutrition for all Gardens and Plants.
Indoor / Outdoor / Soil / Hydroponic / Aquaponic

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A microscopic element complex to fortify your plants.
 Working at a cellular level, strengthening the entire plants health and immune system of your plant. Thus pesticides are not needed.
A single bottle can last 1 to 4 years for houseplants. Cost effective nutrition for all plants,restoring there beauty and vibrancy.
The Zymology Process
Worlds Only Fully Digested Elemental
Plant Supliment.
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