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Organic Heirloom Master Kit
2 Bottles of our Liqui-Dirt for FREE
Liqui-Dirt Options
Master Seed / Liqui-Dirt Kits
2 bottles of Liqui-Dirt enough for a 200sft garden.
7,000 Garden Seed pack 32 verities of seeds.
12,000 Herb Seed pack 22 verities of seeds.

  • Organic Farm Raised
  • Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid
  • 99% Germination Rate
  • Individually bagged and labeled
  • 32 Garden Seed verities
  • 22 Herb Seed verities
  • Garden Pack: 12,000 Seeds
  • Herb Pack: 7,000 Seeds
  • Over 25 year Shelf Life
Organic Heirloom seeds:
A full Vitamin and Mineral Bio Elemental Nutrient.
-Dirt provides 2X your crops harvest.
An Organic Garden Amendment & Plant food.

Full Kit $80.00
Over a $300.00 value
How Long Will they last?
Our Heirloom (Open Pollinated) Seeds
Last for well over 25 Years.

To reach this long viable germination age their are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Keep them dry
  • Keep them cool (Below 80 degF.)
  • Keep them dark
Our Seed will last for well over 25 years due to our processing and also our packaging. We take seed saving to a new level due to our outer bag made from a duel layer Millar.
  • The Gold outer side (same as used by NASA) Protects from outer heat.
  • The inner Silver lining captures cooler temperatures. This package extends the viability of the seeds being stored within this package.
  • Zipper seal for stopping moisture from entering your seeds, for a life time of saving your seeds.
Use What seeds you want to grow, Place the unused seeds back in ther bag and back into the main Gold package.
Remember to save your seeds, from your crop.
Replace the ones you used.
Never run out of seeds or food again.
Liqui-Dirt uses essential microorganisms to "pre-digest" 18 sustainably sourced grown, harvested and mined ingredients. " The power of 18"
4 Product Kit
What's in the Kit:
Broccoli: Waltham 29
Cabbage: Golden Acre
Swiss Chard: Lucullus
Cucumber: Markermore
Cucumber: American
Squash: Pink Bananna
Squash: Waltham Butternut
Greenbean: Contender
Beet: Detroit Dark Red
Lima Bean: Henderson
Parsnip: Hollow Crown
Turnip: Purple Top White Globe
Watermelon: Chrimsom Sweet
Carrots: Danvers
Kale: Lacinato
Eggplant: Black Beauty
Cauliflower: Snowball Y
Onion: Tokyo Bunching
Bellpeper: Yolo Wonder Y
Pepper: Jalapeno
Cantalope: Hales Jumbo
Onion: White Sweet
Tomato: Beefsteak
Tomato: Roma
Zucchini: Black Beauty
Spinach: Bloomsdale
Pumpkin: Sugar Pie
Peas: Sugar Ann Snap
Radish: Cherry Belle
Red Salad Bowel
 Butter Curnch
Black Seeded Simpson
Free Liqui-Dirt Germination Powder with every kit
32 Varieties, individually packed and labeled
54 Seed packs 2 acres of food
22 Varieties, individually packed and labeled
Cilantro Slow Bolt
Dill Mammoth
Dill Bouquet
Fennel Florence
St Johns Wort
Curled Cress
Chervil Curled
Basil Italian Large Leaf
Oregano Italian
Sage Broad Leaf
Thyme Common
Parsley Italian Flat
Chamomile German
 Herb / Spice Seeds
 Garden Veggie Seeds
 2 Bottles (200sft garden)
... Liqui-Dirt Complete Nutrition ...
 A full Vitamin and Mineral, Microbial and Beneficial bacteria with Micro-fungi complex.
Ph Balanced to increase growth
Nutrition for all Gardens and Plants.
Indoor / Outdoor / Soil / Hydroponic / Aquaponic

A full years growing season
Organic Products
The Bee Green Project: Help save our Endangered Bee's, we cant do it alone!

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