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All Natural Laundry Detergents
Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent. Naturally scented 40 load pouch for heavy duty cleaning.
(Sodium Tetraborate)
(Essential Oil)
For Best results:
Use 1/2 tbs (1/2 scoop) per average wash load. Heavy soiled or stained washing use 1 to 2 scoops.
4 Aromatic sents available, plus our new non-sented.
LD's Natural detergents are highly effective at removing the toughest dirt and grime from your clothes with no chemicals and are made from privately sourced ingredients that simply work.

Orange Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Natural Bliss
Fabric softener is not needed with using LD's Natural Laundry Detergent. Its special all natural formula naturally softens clothes during the wash.
Other uses:
Bathroom care, sprinkle over desired cleaning location, mist with peroxide and clean with sponge or cloth. Clean without chemical fumes or scratches to porcelain, tile or fiberglass.
Floor care: sprinkle onto the floor carpet and rugs let stand 15 min, then vacuum as normal. Leaving a clean and fresh home with no chemicals.
Solid surface floors lightly sprinkle onto the floor mist with peroxide and mop to clean.
Stove cleaner: Sprinkle onto stove mist with peroxide and after bubbling wipe clean with sponge and fresh water.
This all natural product has no chemicals fillers or byproducts,
safe for the environment.
LD's Detergent is Phosphate free, Naturally sourced and processed with green energy.

CAUTION: Eye irritant, Harmful if swallowed, if  swallowed drink a large glass of Milk or water do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. Eye contact rinse with water 15 min. Contact a physician.

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Detergent Options
Now is the time to kick the toxic chemical detergents. Remember your skin is the largest absorber of your body what you put on it goes straight into your body as well. Don't be fooled by other brands that contain only one ingredient or a list that you don't know what they are.
Our determination to provide the best Natural Detergent has driven our simple yet effective 4 organic and all natural ingredients. We even distill our essential oils for one of a kind freshness
that lasts...

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