1.2.3 Garden Application Instructions.
What you need:
5 gallon


Step: 1
Fill your
Bucket with
5 gallons of water
Rain water is best
Tap water can be used just let it sit 24 hours uncovered to remove
the chlorine

Step: 2
Pour your entire
bottle of Liqui-Dirt
into your bucket
of water
Mix well

A little at a time
Pour 1 Line
Into 1 gallon
of water
Now your all mixed and its time to apply
Use 1 Quart of your mix, add into watering can
(4 cups)
Apply to 100 sft area of your garden. Repeat this step for the total coverage of your garden. 1 Qt per 100 sft.
For All garden vegetables
Dont forget to fill up your watering can
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